Developments In Maritime Finance & Maritime Financial Centres
Webinar - Busan

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Background: The maritime sector is a critical, but hidden part of the global economy, as it facilitates up to 90% of global trade. Maritime financial centres – the clusters of interlinked businesses, organisations, and agencies that coagulate around maritime activity are extremely important for national and regional economies and can contribute significant fractions of GDP, driving growth and employment throughout the supply chain.

In partnership with Busan Finance Center, Z/Yen is publishing a new report, "Developments In Maritime Finance & Maritime Financial Centres", which provides an overview of current developments driven by changes in global fleet size and composition, and the challenge of net zero. This is leading to the development of new financing models, including derivatives and FinTech solutions, highlighted in the report.

Join us at this webinar to hear the main findings, both from colleagues in Busan and the report author, Simon Mills.

Prof Heesung Yun is a Korea Maritime & Ocean University Associate Professor. A distinguished professional with a PhD in Management as well as a MSc in Shipping, Trade & Finance from the Bayes Business School Business School, and a BA in Shipping Management from Korea Maritime and Ocean University. With a robust 27-year career, Yun was VP of the Bulk Business Division at SK Shipping and SK Shipping Europe for 22 years and was VP at theBulk Business Strategy Division, Hyundai Merchant Marine.

His expertise lies in bulk business strategy and freight risk management, contributing significantly to the maritime industry's growth and sustainability. Having spent over a decade in London, Yun possesses a strong global business acumen.

Simon Mills began his career by working as a field botanist on Cloud and Elfin rainforest in Northern Costa Rica. His subsequent career encompassed minerals and highways planning, environmental management systems and sustainable development. In 2000 he became environmental co-ordinator for the City of London, where he established the National Sustainable City Awards and worked on carbon trading, socially responsible investment and climate risk. Following a secondment to Defra in 2010, where he was responsible for establishing the Local and Regional Adaptation Partnership for England, he returned to the City of London as Corporate Policy Manager and Head of Sustainable Development. Since joining as a Z/Yen associate, Simon has worked on mutual distributed ledgers, standards, sustainable business, and policy performance bonds.

Wednesday, 14 February 2024

8:00 - 8:45 GMT


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    Prof Heesung Yun
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