Enemies Of Judgement

Making Better Decisions


Background: This webinar entitled ‘Enemies of Judgement’ explores the greatest influencers of judgement quality: namely what we don’t know, our Ignorance, and what we think we know or our Bias. Why is risk always on the agenda? It is to ensure we deliver good judgement.


Garry Honey is the founder of Chiron Risk where he designs bespoke risk training for board directors. As a former strategy consultant, he focuses on foresight, and working with imperfect knowledge. He is the author of ‘Navigating Uncertainty – securing better judgement’.

Predicting the future has always been a fascinating challenge: From ‘Super-forecasting – the art & science of Prediction’ published in 2015, right through to ‘Noise – a flaw in human judgement’ published in 2022 the search for certainty is compelling, despite the fact for any prediction there are only two possible outcomes: lucky or wrong.

Good judgement is an essential quality in any leadership role, so Garry works with Henley business school on the Board Director Programme. He runs eight modules on risk and uncertainty on the MA in Board Practice Development

Wednesday, 07 August 2024

11:00 - 11:45 BST


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    Garry Honey
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