Pan Livery Legacy: From Historical Philanthropy To Modern Rehabilitation With No Going Back


The Livery Companies of the City of London and their members have been supporting prisons and offenders for over 600 years. In the 1420s, Richard Whittington funded the rebuilding of Newgate Prison. More recently, many Livery Companies have supported the Sheriff & Recorders Fund annually since 1805 at the Old Bailey. Today, they champion prison charities focused on reducing reoffending and enhancing mental well-being. The 2021 Pan Livery Survey on philanthropic giving highlighted that Livery Companies contributed £1.6 million towards reducing reoffending in that year alone.

In 2016, the Mercers Company convened a breakfast meeting for all Livery Companies, with 75 attendees. By the following year, attendance grew to 95. These gatherings addressed the relevance of Livery Companies in the 21st century, fostering collaboration to amplify their philanthropic impact and promoting their work globally. The Pan Livery Steering Group emerged from these meetings in 2018, inclusive of diverse Livery Companies.

Continuing their centuries-old tradition of supporting the incarcerated, the Livery Companies launched the No Going Back initiative in 2020. Supported by 40 Livery Companies, City & Guilds, and over 170 volunteers, it aims to break the cycle of reoffending. Reflecting the enduring legacy of figures like Richard Whittington, over 2000 prison leavers have in some way been impacted on their journey out of prison with over 300 prison leavers securing jobs and housing and comprehensive support, something championed throughout history. With a reoffending rate below 5%, compared to the national average of over 50%, this initiative underscores the transformative power of sustained, compassionate intervention. Join us to explore how historical philanthropy has evolved into innovative rehabilitation efforts, continuing to shape better futures for those leaving the prison system and the and transformative impact of the Livery Companies' work, showcasing how their enduring legacy continues to shape effective rehabilitation and reintegration strategies today.


Francesca Findlater, the Founder of award-winning Charity Bounce Back, and now Executive head of No Going Back has dedicated the last 15 years to working in prisoner rehabilitation effecting transformation through training and jobs.  With a corporate communications background, Fran also has a passion for social enterprise.  As an Honorary Fellow of Social Enterprise UK she supports several, also sitting on the Board of No Going Back’s Cleaning Services social enterprise and also the Board of Circle Collective.  She advises creative boards, and serves on Think Through Nutrition's Board, amongst others driven by a passion for transformative partnerships and improving lives.  Fran is also on the City and Guilds Council and is a member of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers. 

Thursday, 11 July 2024

11:00 - 11:45 BST


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