Creating Lifeboat Money For The Next Financial Crisis: And Eternally Sustaining Humanity

Background: Central banks have failed to issue money that is stable and stops climate change.

Parliament should authorize private test issues of Great Depression self-liquidating money. It would become lifeboat money when the financial system again fails. Tethered to a Sustainability Index this simpler money would stop climate change to sustain humanity.

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Dr Shann Turnbull is the founding principal of the International Institute for Self-governance based in Sydney Australia. He is a Founding Life Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors responsible for its constitution possessing provisions for State based self-governance. After a Harvard MBA, Shann became a serial entrepreneur founding over a dozen firms, including two public mutual funds and three publicly traded corporations. He became a founding author/presenter of the first educational qualification in the world for company directors. The United Nations published a summary of his 1975 book on Democratising the Wealth of Nations. He was invited to Prague in 1990/91 and Beijing in 1991 to advise on stakeholder privatization. He authored Australian Parliamentary reports on Aboriginal self-determination in 1977/8. His 2001 PhD from Macquarie University created a methodology to establish the science of governance of any specie and introduced to social scientists the self-governing concept of Tensegrity. He is a prolific author on using the self-governing practices of biota to reform the theories and practices of capitalism.

Tuesday, 21 May 2024

9:00 - 9:45 BST


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    Dr Shann Turnbull
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