Why We Care About Data Culture (And You Should, Too!)

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Background: Trying to make the best decisions for your customers and your company? Want to lead the way with AI and Gen-AI in your industry? Investing heavily in dedicated data teams, BI tools and data warehouses? Then you’ll want to know more about creating and optimising a data led culture. Only by encouraging a data led culture can organisations truly capitalise on their investments and emerging tech.

There are some foundational and fairly obvious criteria to creating a data culture, such as: ‘improve data literacy’, ‘provide training’, ‘build KPIs/metrics’. What is less obvious to most organisations is the power of ‘softer’ factors such as ways of working, incentivisation, democratisation of data and sharing of success stories.

In this webinar, Gate One, a change and transformation consultancy, outline the factors that FS organisations with a leading data culture have in common. Using our latest findings from a survey and interviews with leading FS firms, we provide a series of ‘must haves’ for organisations looking to improve their data culture.


Priyesh Shah leads Gate One’s Data-driven Enterprise proposition and is a certified Data Strategy SME. He has 12+ years of experience delivering data-driven strategic advisory and multi-million-dollar transformations for clients across industries.

By combining his experience in business analytics, strategic advisory and change management, Priyesh has helped reform businesses into data-driven organisations, that seamlessly integrate data living in silos, to inform strategic, operational, and tactical decisions.

He is driven by a vision to deliver cutting edge analytics that empowers businesses through data-driven insight and foresight.

Charlotte Eastwood is a Manager within our People Change practice. With a background in psychology, Charlotte is passionate about culture change, taking a leadership role in Gate One’s Culture and Behaviour Change practice. She enjoys combining behavioural science with design thinking and experience design methodologies to challenge traditional thinking and co-design innovation solutions with to deliver lasting change.

Tuesday, 19 September 2023

15:00 - 15:45 BST


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  • Priyesh Shah
    Priyesh Shah
    Principal, Data Driven Enterprise Team
    Gate One
  • Charlotte Eastwood Headshot (square)
    Charlotte Eastwood
    Manager, People Change Practice
    Gate One
  • Charlotte Dawber-Ashley
    Charlotte Dawber-Ashley
    FS Club Manager
    Z/Yen Group