GFT is a digital transformation pioneer. By leveraging next-generation technologies, we enable clients to boost their productivity with intelligent software solutions. We focus on Digital Finance, Enterprise AI & Data Solutions, and Platform Modernisation. GFT’s strengths include deep technological excellence, a strong ecosystem of partners, and industry expertise. GFT talents create, implement, and manage software applications to enable innovative businesses while complying with regulations. With locations in 20 markets around the globe, GFT ensures proximity to its clients. The company draws on over 35 years of experience and a global team of over 12,000 determined talents.

Latest News & Events

  • GFT Partners With Engine By Starling To Help Banks Rapidly Modernise

    Feb. 2, 2024

    Watch now our Finextra TV interview where Carlton Hopper (Managing Director, GFT UK) and Sam Everington (CEO of Engine by Starling) review the impact of new banking platforms and implementation strategies for successful bank modernisation. They also discuss GFT and Engine by Starling's collaboration that utilises cloud-native, modular, and API-based technologies to empower clients worldwide to deliver next generation digital banking.

  • GFT And Google Cloud ‘Creating Real Business Value From AI’ Event This March

    March 13, 2024

    GFT and Google Cloud are hosting an exciting event on 13 March in London to cover the latest trends and adoption of real use-cases for AI in Financial Services. At the event, industry experts from GFT and Google, plus client practitioners will come together to discuss generating real business value from AI - beyond the hype and the proof of concept.

  • GFT Teams Up With Google Cloud To Launch ‘GenAI Intelligent Assistant’

    May 2, 2024

    GFT in partnership with Google Cloud Industry Value Networks, have built the next generation interface for retail banks. The GenAI Intelligent Assistant is a conversational interface, built on Google Cloud’s Generative and Vertex AI technologies, utilising advanced large language models to give banking customers immense flexibility on the questions they can ask and have answered by the AI-powered assistant.

  • Salt, GFT And Engine By Starling Set New Digital Banking Benchmark In Europe

    June 3, 2024

    Salt Bank, a new digital bank in Romania’s financial landscape, has launched less than one year after the project was kicked off. Salt Bank is the first neobank using Engine by Starling’s core banking system outside of the vendor’s parent company, Starling Bank. It was implemented in partnership between GFT, Salt Bank and Engine by Starling. This continues a transformative trend GFT sees in financial services and beyond. Organisations are reinventing their technology capabilities, adopting a ‘platform of platforms’ approach. This involves consuming ready-made capabilities from the wider industry.

  • GFT’s Latest Banking Disruption Index Highlights Mounting Debt Worries For UK Consumers

    July 3, 2024

    British consumers on average are almost £2,700 in credit card debt, and more than a third either already have or contemplated taking out a payday or short-term loan to cover rising debt costs in the last 12 months, according to new research. The increased cost of living and high inflation means Brits are struggling to stay on top of their finances, with 39% admitting to not having any method of tracking their spending. This data comes from GFT’s latest Banking Disruption Index, a bi-annual assessment of consumer banking habits.

  • FS Club Mixer – Creating Real Business Value From AI

    Sept. 28, 2023

    In partnership with GFT, the FS Club is pleased to be hosting a Mixer and Panel Discussion on the challenges of working with AI and how to deliver substantial and long-lasting value from its use. Join us at Watermen’s Hall in the City for thought-provoking debate and professional connections over food and drink.


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