Financial Services Commission Mauritius

Established in 2001, the Financial Services Commission, Mauritius ('FSC') is the integrated regulator for the non-bank financial services sector and global business and is mandated to license, regulate, and supervise the conduct of business activities in the non-bank financial services sector and global business.

Our vision is to be an internationally recognised financial supervisor committed to the sustained development of Mauritius as a sound and competitive financial services centre.

The FSC aims to:

  • promote the development, fairness, efficiency and transparency of financial institutions and capital markets;
  • suppress crime and malpractices so as to provide protection to members of the public investing in non-banking financial products; and
  • ensure the soundness and stability of the financial system in Mauritius.

Latest News & Events

  • Mauritius As A Premier Investment Hub

    Feb. 4, 2024

    Mauritius emerges as a leading financial services hub in Africa, showcasing an attractive blend of benefits. Located at the crossroads of three major trade areas between Asia, Europe and Africa, Mauritius offers a conducive regulatory environment, fostering a range of financial services such as banking, cross-border investment, insurance, wealth and asset management. With a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance and international best practices, Mauritius ensures investor confidence and credibility. Moreover, its skilled bilingual workforce, political stability, and a network of Investment Promotion and Protection Agreements make it an ideal destination for financial institutions seeking growth and expansion. The country's scenic beauty and high quality of life further make Mauritius an appealing destination for both business and living.

  • New Regulatory Framework For Spot Commodity Market In Mauritius

    April 20, 2024

    The new Rules aim to support the creation of a new and dynamic ecosystem for spot commodity trading, clearing and intermediation within Mauritius with the new following financial business activities: (a) spot commodity market; (b) spot commodity clearing house; (c) spot commodity broker; (d) spot commodity broker’s representative; (e) spot commodity trading adviser; and (f) spot commodity trading adviser’s representative The new regulatory framework for spot commodity market and its intermediaries, overseen by the FSC, provides salient features such as a fast-track application process for existing licensees, a Spot Commodity Market may inter-alia be operated through an electronic system, and operators may engage in environmentally-linked financial instruments.

  • The Robust Banking Landscape Of Mauritius

    July 3, 2024

    The banking system in Mauritius is robust, well regulated and plays a pivotal role in the country's economic growth and stability. With strong focus on adherence to international standards, Mauritius positions itself as a reputable financial hub compliant with all the 40 FATF recommendations and attracting global investors through its sound banking system. The vibrant banking industry is home to a diverse set of banking business models, serving both the domestic as well as regional economies. The sector remains competitive on a global scale, with prominent emphasis on digitalisation and innovation. The dynamic regulatory environment enables banks to respond to global market developments and offer competitive products and services. Mauritius at the forefront of the digital banking era: The banking sector in Mauritius has firmly embraced digitalisation, providing wide-ranging financial services through digital banking to domestic as well as cross-border customers. The enabling and evolvi

  • African AI And Blockchain Policy Forum

    Nov. 15, 2023

    The Regional Centre of Excellence (“RCE”) of the …