C2Zero launched its Carbon Cancellation Service, C4S, at Mansion House on March 4. The service, available through their online platform (https://carbon.uk.c2zero.net/), allows businesses and individuals to purchase certificates linked to the cancellation of regulated UK emissions allowances.

According to The Rt Hon the Lord Mayor, Alderman Professor Michael Mainelli, “This visionary carbon cancellation service, empowers businesses and individuals to actively contribute to carbon reduction efforts while maintaining the highest standards of environmental integrity, without it costing the earth.” C4S is part of the Lord Mayor’s Connect to Prosper program. “Connect to Prosper looks to celebrate innovations such as C4S – showing the City is the place that bold solutions to global problems can be found. C2Zero invites you to join the movement towards a sustainable and resilient future.”

C2Zero, operational in Australia since 2021m offers innovative and creative ways for customers to embed environmental impact into their goods, services, activities or into their own operations. Roger Cohen, Founder and CEO states, “Locking away and cancelling emissions allowances so that they can never be used by big polluters is a very effective way to achieve this. Our goal is to enable businesses to turn carbon into a value add rather than just an exercise in ticking a green box. The entire process is transparent, traceable and auditable to guarantee integrity and certainty of outcome. It can also be fun and creative”

With a local presence in the UK, C2Zero's team is available to educate businesses on carbon markets and discuss how C4S can benefit both the business and the environment. Please email carbon@c2zero.net for further information or to arrange for one of the team contact you.

Latest News

  • C2Zero’s Carbon Cancellation Service

    June 2, 2024

    C2Zero’s Carbon Cancellation Service (C4S) is a platform giving customers the power to prevent - not remove, not offset - CO2 (carbon) emissions from some of the world’s largest polluters. C4S helps businesses neutralise their unavoidable carbon footprints, or it can be seamlessly added as an “ingredient” to products, services, activities, events and more. Part of the Lord Mayor’s Connect to Prosper program, C4S enables businesses to make a positive environmental impact while fostering engagement with customers, employees, and other stakeholders. For a deeper understanding of how carbon cancellation works visit our website. You can also purchase your first carbon cancellation certificate online at https://carbon.uk.c2zero.net/. Carbon cancellation with C4S adds value to your business and to the environment.

  • Meeting With The Ceo And Founder

    July 3, 2024

    Roger Cohen – CEO and Founder of C2Zero will be in London from July 1 to July 15. To arrange a meeting or to find out more, reach out on LinkedIn or email link.